Prebytes and our philosophy

Prebytes is a team of experts who have repeatedly confirmed their professional knowledge with completed projects, lectures at elite conferences and publications in specialist press. We are effectively fighting for the ICT security of our clients and we take up the challenges of cybercriminals with courage.

We assume that development is the most important, therefore we consistently enhance the substantive strength of our team, and carefully modify the technologies used. We create unique tools that detect, neutralize and prevent the activities of cybercriminals.

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Our team

BrowserWall is the result of the efforts of our experts who constantly watch over the safety of all Internet users. Continuous development of knowledge and improvement of safety skills are a priority for us, thanks to which we can constantly improve our solutions.

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PREBYTES Security Incident Response Team

PREBYTES provides incident response services. A dedicated Security Incident Response Team is ready to take and handle a reported security breach. We are aware that the first 24 hours of attack are the most critical for the protected infrastructure. Any detected or reported attack will meet our immediate response.

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PREBYTES Security Solutions Team

What would incident knowledge be if it were not used to create innovative technologies that protect against cyber attacks. PREBYTES has created a team of experts who create unique solutions supporting the response to security incidents. All solutions are designed according to the latest security standards.


You will improve your security with us

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